glade3 3.7.2

       Module: glade3
      Version: 3.7.2
  Uploaded by: Tristan Van Berkom
 sha256sum: e2d098bffbe99cc09a41a9e201c99a231ef4f81694cee5e3361ef30788ccdbcf
      size: 3.8M
 sha256sum: 2e74eae42f714902cc373364be3b37e97b52d5991b5d0da9986726d973e7a93f
      size: 2.6M


Glade 3.7.2
	- Use gtk_show_uri() instead of previous custom code in place (Javier Jardón)
	- Fixed user/developer url locations (Javier Jardón)
	- Fixed ComboBox and IconView to include basic actions in the popup menu
	- Revived the "misc" column on the project data model (now the inspector shows
	  whether a widget is an internal child or a frame's label or such, again).
	- Expose GtkAssistant:complete packing property (bug 529595).
	- Implemented Preview feature, Glade now includes a project previewing program
	  that is accessible in the UI and runs as a child process (Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita).
	- Ignore "resize-mode" property incase of crashes (as reported in bug 622996).
	- Fixed crash with notebook rebuilding children (bug 365462).
	- Fixed crasher bug 628233 (based on patch by: ramz <ramanathan nitt gmail com>).
	- GladeWidget is now GInitiallyUnowned (now refcounts balance again at project close time).
	- Fixed errors when undoing the addition of notebook pages.
	- Default adjustment page size -> 0 (bug 585085).
	- Removing frame shadow (and label) from project preferences (bug 574098).
	- Setting dialog type-hint default to Dialog (closes old bug 459917).
	- Fixed floating project menus when context menu is fired (bug 141714).
	- Removed notion of project "instance_count" (which is by now unused).
	- Avoid clearing the project selection from the inspector (fixing bug 604322).
	- Set added treeviewcolumns to fixed sizing mode if the treeview is set to use 
	  fixed height mode (closing bug 596480).
	- Fixed GtkComboBox to handle cell-layout children as well as the possible internal 
	  entry (fixes bug 581580)
	- Notify GtkTreeIter changes when the widget name changes (now the inspector updates
	  when a widget name is changed automatically).
	- Fixed crasher when adjusting project naming policy (bug 622528, thanks goes to 
	  Sébastien Granjoux and Martin Schlemmer for looking at this one).
	- Fixed crashes when textview's buffer is deleted, fix by Martin Schlemmer, bug 609748.
	- Defensively avoid crash when setting entry icon tooltips on an entry with no icons set.

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