folks 0.3.3

       Module: folks
      Version: 0.3.3
  Uploaded by: Philip Withnall
 sha256sum: 10d8e7ee361dbd925aa01eb4b588e0fe5bb9bf7d19f99db1208b4807e87937a0
      size: 752K
 sha256sum: 3ed6124518e783ddbbf0ad70403002bae92368e530a65f6f904f3434f6af17f9
      size: 560K


Overview of changes from libfolks 0.3.2 to libfolks 0.3.3

Major changes:
* Fix some minor leaks
* Add support for building gtk-doc documentation for the C API
* Fix some related documentation problems
* Fix some Vala problems caused by differences between Vala 0.10 and 0.12
* Finish off renaming interfaces (this is an API break; see below)
* Don't trust personas from IRC
* Handle invalid IM addresses more gracefully than with an assertion failure
* Fix a linking problem with the user's individual when going offline which
  could lead to infinite loops

API changes:
* Rename the Avatar interface to HasAvatar
* Rename the Presence interface to HasPresence
* Rename the Favourite interface to Favouritable
* Add IMableError
* Throw IMableError from IMable.normalise_im_address()

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 635178 â?? Leak in
* Bug 635649 â?? autopoint fails to run
* Bug 635703 â?? Leak in connection_get_requestable_channel_classes_cb
* Bug 635823 â?? [PATCH] telepathy test not linking against GIO
* Bug 636251 â?? Fails to add contact
* Bug 629526 â?? Generate gtk-doc documentation
* Bug 627397 â?? Use better interface names
* Bug 636714 â?? Assertion failure on invalid IM address
* Bug 637136 â?? Infinite loop when disconnecting accounts

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