tracker 0.9.31

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.9.31
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: 662f9e15c368b90bdbcfb13bf90b3d34609ffc9289e9ad5e0d33ba96b515deb6
      size: 8.2M
 sha256sum: 80bafd8a9b4c3ff8c6fb743163e491bfb365d8e907dced203d54370a9cc9906f
      size: 6.9M


NEW in 0.9.31 - 2010-12-10

The changes are:

  * Require: autoconf >= 2.64 was 2.59
  * Require: libtool >= 2.2 (previously no required version)
  * build: Require Dia with --enable-gtk-doc
  * build: Require Python >= 2.6 with --enable-functional-test
  * build: Binaries built now use *stable* named versions only (i.e. 0.10 not 0.9)
  * Fixes: GB#636936, Require dia if we want to generate the documentation
  * Fixes: GB#624041, Port tracker to gtk+ 3.0
  * Fixes: GB#636604, tracker-0.9.30 linking errors.
  * Fixes: GB#635756, Include libtracker-data.vapi in tarball
  * Fixes: GB#636383, tracker-status-icon grabs control+alt+S keybinding unconditionally which causes issues for emacs
  * Fixes: GB#636520, Use upstream gettext instead the Glib one
  * Fixes: GB#636527, Use autoreconf instead
  * Fixes: NB#207918, ICO image formats are displayed in ...
  * Ontology: Added nmm:MusicAlbumDisk, nmm:musicAlbumDisk, nmm:albumDiskAlbum classes
  * Ontology: Changed nmm:performer rdfs:domain from nmm:MusicAlbum to nmm:MusicAlbumDisk
  * Ontology: Changed nmm:setNumber rdfs:domain from nmm:MusicAlbum to nmm:MusicAlbumDisk
  * Ontology: Changed nmm:internationalStandardRecordingCode rdfs:domain from nmm:MusicAlbum to nmm:MusicPiece
  * libtracker-sparql: Fixed documentation to include tracker_sparql_get_uuid_urn()
  * libtracker-miner: Fixed documentation missing but written
  * tracker-extract: Fixed GUPNP-DLNA extractor, was using "nfo.channels" not "nfo:channels"
  * functional-tests: Don't hardcode python version in scripts





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