gtkmm 2.91.6

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.91.6
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: 369fa8e1f53ed9bb4982e2fc52982f62fb2a0cebe73b83aaab36e97b93a37c89
      size: 19M
 sha256sum: 666e82aaf5d2c0336aea5c8883973e2edc7dfde6b7f7fde3231d1d7a1249c5a2
      size: 16M


2.91.6 (unstable):

* Added the StyleContext, StyleProvider, and CssProvider classes, 
  removing the Style and RC classes.
* Added Gdk::Cairo::set_source_rgba().
* Widget: Added get_style_context().
* Cellrenderer, Cellrenderertext, Cellview, Colorbutton, TextTag:
  Added RGBA versions of color properties. We expect to remove Gdk::Color 
  in future, maybe then renaming all uses of RGBA to Color.
* ColorSelection: Added get/set_current_rgba() and get/set_previous_rgba().
* ComboBoxText:
  - Renamed append_text(), prepend_text() and insert_text() to append(), 
  prepend() and insert().
  - Added extra append()/prepend()/insert() overloads that also take an id.
  - Added get/set_id_column(), get/set_active_id() and properties.
* Widget:
  - Removed the style_changed signal because it used GtkStyle, though 
  we might bring this back when the GTK+ code is completely ported to 
  - Added get_path(), removing path().
  - Removed the no_expose_event signal.
* Added WidgetPath.
* Window: get_geometry(): Removed the depth parameter.

* Removed Drawable.
* RGBA: Rename set_rgb_p(double) to set_rgba(dobule) and rename the old 
  set_rgb(gushort) to set_rgb_u(gushort). Likewise for other methods. 
  This makes it more like GdkRGBA, which uses double instead of the gushort 
  that GdkColor used.
* Window:
  - Added set_background(RGBA) and renamed  set_background_pattern() to 
	- Added set_clip_region() and get_visible_region() and create_cairo_context(),
	which were previously in the (now removed) base Drawable class.

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