nautilus 2.91.4

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.91.4
  Uploaded by: Cosimo Cecchi
 sha256sum: 30346ff9ded7cf3e7907290b011ecf4bec12d6e591b1d307f8bd6bba9dcd4623
      size: 8.3M
 sha256sum: 399a427757bae6eaf34ec9a7efa67ab9198d29692512641d0c0012ec07ba7701
      size: 5.6M


Major changes in 2.91.4 are:
* Port to the new GtkAppChooser widget family
* Port to GtkStyleContext
* Add DBus interfaces for copying files and emptying trash
* Remove Beagle search support
* Remove History and Notes sidebar
* Use a new simpler debug infrastructure
* Make the preferences an app-wide singleton window
* Fix some drawing regressions

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