couchdb-glib 0.6.96

       Module: couchdb-glib
      Version: 0.6.96
  Uploaded by: Rodrigo Moya
 sha256sum: 89ba2c828112b44789885e681515165694acc5ec2278ad3c0af34888d7d95fb4
      size: 432K
 sha256sum: 4f900a25fd3991ff6653641e659c3ac5f2e43c54905c5720eba46b29c57fbc8c
      size: 328K


Version 0.6.96
- Replace g_value_get_object and g_object_ref with g_value_dup_object
  (Krzysztof Klimonda)
- Changed couchdb-glib/ to use /gir-1.0 and /girepository-1.0
  instead of INTROSPECTION_TYPELIBDIR (Krzysztof Klimonda)
- Call couchdb_session_send_message with empty body to force Content-Type
  (Krzysztof Klimonda)
- Make sure we free SoupMessage before returning (Krzysztof Klimonda)
- Don't set up the custom log_handler for all debug messages. Instead
  define 'Couchdb-GLib' log domain and handle only messages related to
  library itself (Krzysztof Klimonda)


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