glib 2.25.15

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.25.15
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: 334bcc0ef5c4aefc36708db53f32725d7be9a9128e7414e4abc03161a654fdfb
      size: 8.8M
 sha256sum: cb4fd91cfc2f55f89b5bc3e1999d7f778cd9cfa6596cf6391216ff3273b046b3
      size: 6.2M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.14 to GLib 2.25.15

 * GIO
  - Memory leak fixes
  - The GZip(De}Compressor can now process header information
  - Support for network proxies has been added, with the GProxy
    interface and the gio-proxy-resolver extension point. GIO
    includes SOCKSv4 and SOCKSv5 implementations, and libproxy
    is also going to provide an implementation of this extension
  - There are GAction and GActionGroup interfaces now, which will
    be used in GApplication in the near future.

 * GObject
  - There are now convenience macros for defining boxed and
    pointer types

 * GDBus
  - Memory leak fixes
  - GDBusProxy for well-known names can now auto-restart
    the service if the name owner disapperas
  - Filter functions are now allowed to modify messages

 * GLib
  - GDateTime is a replacement for GDate that supports time
    and timezone information.

 * Bugs fixed:
  50076 Time API to go with date API
 617691 Add GZIP header processing to GZlibCompressor/GZlibDecompressor
 622184 add g_memory_output_stream_steal_data
 624546 Modification of GDBusMessage in filter function
 627088 Build failure in gdbus-peer.c on FreeBSD
 627181 save a memdup
 627182 Plug a mem leak in the gdbus-connection test
 627187 Plug some gdbus mem leaks
 627188 gdbus-non-socket test occasionally fails
 627252 G_OPTION_FLAG_NO_ARG is only for callback options
 627392 gdbus commit 8a3a4596 breaks win32 compile
 627407 FTBFS on !linux UNIX platforms
 627604 String error: 'that' twice in a row
 627969 ABR in g_file_open_tmp
 628084 gdbus-peer fails with assertion
 628193 Miscellaneous string fixes
 628296 abort() in gsocketconnection.c
 628309 Plug a mem leak in GConverterOutputStream
 628317 GEmblemedIcon:equal implementation is buggy
 628323 Fix invalid reads
 628327 Plug a mem leak
 628328 Plug a mem leak
 628329 Don't leak the FD list
 628324 Invalid reads in gdbus-export test

 * Updated translations:
  British English
  Traditional Chinese

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