pyatspi 0.3.91

       Module: pyatspi
      Version: 0.3.91
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: 4a29a54a6770240c3b21c9e1ea0a954c3d0d563dd2b4385372e72ad08707baf2
      size: 408K
 sha256sum: 08f510b18753e1f2b2bcf9959288dae98ba6a7239e33ca901ec6b3075cb18947
      size: 308K


What's new in pyatspi2 0.3.91:

* Enable relocate by default for now.

* Ensure that queued events are delivered when calling registry.stop().

* If an unexpected exception is thrown when checking for the accessibility bus
(ie, python-xlib is missing), throw the exception rather than silently
reverting to the session bus.

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