gthumb 2.11.91

       Module: gthumb
      Version: 2.11.91
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
 sha256sum: 9edae4c77c3a112ea594253eb7ab76729abf751cf086c77b1a655f6fa199bd65
      size: 6.3M
 sha256sum: e0ec4ed238fd18d34ef008086fd3189d31090f880d7900816c748bb935b44d31
      size: 4.3M


version 2.11.91

        Bugs fixed:

        * Remember the inverse sorting option. (#628205)
        * Allow to print a modified image. (#595654)
        * Translate the selection type in the filter editor. (#627532)
        * Allow to create tags with spaces. (#628081)
        * Hide and disable some browser related commands in viewer mode.
        * Fixed crash when changing the sorting order very fast. (#628071)
        * Fixed a crash when resizing many images. (#627688)
        * Fixed crash when saving comments. (#627929)
        * Fixed crash when closing the window. (#627535)
        * Export to PicasaWeb: show an error message if the authentication
          fails; allow to select another account if more then one is
          present. (#627531)
        * Allow to compile with libbrasero 3. (#627646)
        * Fixed the "save only modified fields" option in the comment dialog
        * Fixed strings marked as translatable but not translated. (#627532)
        * Translate the property names in the property view.
        * Fixed the size of the vertical thumbnail pane: make the thumbnail
          pane big enough to avoid to scroll horizontally when its orientation
          is vertical
        * Fixed image viewer scrolling. (#627466)
        * Fixed saving of IPTC keyworks. Added support for multiple Xpm and
          Iptc metadata with the same key. (#627096)
        * Fixed saving of the 'Other' tab fields in the metadata dialog.
          Specify the type of the fields to allow to create them if they are
          not already present in the image. (#627231)
        * Allow to select non-local folders in the resize and convert tools
	* More user's manual updates.

        New or updated application translations:

        * Chinese (simplified) (lainme)
        * Czech (Marek Ä?ernocký)
        * Danish (Joe Hansen)
        * Deutsch (Mario Blättermann)
        * Español (Jorge González)
        * Slovenian (Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * Español (Jorge González)

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