liboobs 2.31.91

       Module: liboobs
      Version: 2.31.91
  Uploaded by: Milan Bouchet-Valat
 sha256sum: 1c8378a4d4b13ad834503f4025d6cd282e6110b4cd1dd5fb98dc7a921409db23
      size: 484K
 sha256sum: fd8850126335479eaae2636449e25c1116fac74235ec55a2b48b4f7bdfa4abbe
      size: 364K


Liboobs 2.31.91, 2010-08-30
Liboobs version 2.31.91 "Better Break Late Than Never" has been released.

  - Add new values to OobsUserHomeFlags to allow more operations
    on home directory
  - Update documentation for OOBS_USER_ERASE_HOME, whose signification was extended
  - Add oobs_user_get_full_name_fallback(), providing always meaningful names
  - Set D-Bus timeout to max for async replies
  - Bump soname to 5.0.0 to reflect ABI break of last cycle (too late)

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