brasero 2.30.3

       Module: brasero
      Version: 2.30.3
  Uploaded by: Philippe Rouquier
 sha256sum: 4f65832a68024fcf6d62c2f4c43548e2eec9887689e3ecf4ecabc12935e7f216
      size: 6.3M
 sha256sum: 343b393a23a1215514ab096fe512160eef6c0ae24ae705d5d952d663f6cebbd3
      size: 4.3M


30-08-2010 2.30.3

Bug fix release:

#627687 - Rhythmbox create audio CD does not work
#627005 - Starting brasero with --device=/dev/sr0 floating point exception
#606010 - crashes at audio CD insertion
#622394  - make check fails: The following files contain translations and are currently not in use
#622968  - Add File Selector mis-behaves: No Places pane. Ctrl/click action wrong
#623484  - No estimated drive speed shown
+ miscellaneous other fixes.


Updated Hungarian translation (Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng gnome hu>)
Updated Indonesian translation (Andika Triwidada <andika gmail com>)
Update Simplified Chinese translation (lainme <lainme993 gmail com>)

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