gnome-dvb-daemon 0.1.21

       Module: gnome-dvb-daemon
      Version: 0.1.21
  Uploaded by: Sebastian Polsterl
 sha256sum: 748d98776ec5e153c843ec335eac363904b1a5fe21215330bb1db6f5f7421d4f
      size: 968K
 sha256sum: 18d26f15581debfe2c2b9c8dbef0edb31630b38c4cebcb08da647ff4c11031ac
      size: 708K


Version 0.1.21

This release implements Rygel's MediaServerSpec2.
By default version 1 is used, use --enable-mediaserver2
to switch to the newer version.

- Build fixes for latest Vala and libgee
- Added implementation of Rygel's MediaServerSpec2
- Renamed option disable-rygel to disable-mediaserver
- Added enable-mediaserver2 option to command line interface
- Append channel name to rtsp URL
- totem: Monitor DBus for changing owner of org.gnome.DVB

Updated Translations:
- Brazilian Portuguese
- English (United Kingdom)
- Czech
- Finnish
- French
- Italian
- Swedish


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