aravis 0.1.1

       Module: aravis
      Version: 0.1.1
  Uploaded by: Emmanuel Pacaud
 sha256sum: f5a02e3dd2dbbba2f926f7448c6ae774f1caf2255eb5199ae2d3f8a9849e5a8c
      size: 504K
 sha256sum: 2de491331f201f9bd37f9ed2928f18517fdb4e17c8bf2e4fb02086937ce534da
      size: 392K


Release 0.1.1

  * Basic ethernet camera simulator
  * Allow detection of ethernet cameras on lo, for the GV camera simulator
  * Fix in gvcp support code
  * More unit tests
  * Add support for <Group> GENICAM element 
  * Memory leak fixes
  * Record statistics on buffer reception times
  * Improve compilation on 64 bit platforms

Release 0.1.0

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