at-spi2-atk 0.3.90

       Module: at-spi2-atk
      Version: 0.3.90
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: 03106e68ae00fb25ce8001223aab1d883e82619ed08a530cf00d8f378ff29421
      size: 440K
 sha256sum: 63426baa11621960e73a62895210455a3c6b4944b5880e5761ed57e08cbeddb1
      size: 336K


What's new in at-spi2-atk 0.3.90:

* FDO#29365: Stop using a deprecated glib function.

* Caching fixes--GetItems was completely broken in v0.3.6, and fixed a
possible crash when it is called.

* Only emit signals when AT-SPI clients are listening for them.

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