Module: anjuta
  Uploaded by: Johannes Schmid
 sha256sum: a056a7e1164afb0127da8b8dcfac282871e2e68bdb97a1e85b9497f9ed994e3d
      size: 13M
 sha256sum: d50e72f6acf799d9ba603dec6f95732b6eec388a0bd5bf6ae071c8c58d2c9f53
      size: 9.7M


Anjuta 2.31.90 "GSoC is over - we have snippets now" -- Johannes Schmid

- Python is now fully supported
- Initial support for python plugins (Abderrahim Kitouni)
- Snippets plugins from GSoC (Dragos Dena)

- Language support for Vala got a major update

Bugs fixed:
project-wizard: bgo#625434 - remove cvsignore from templates
python-support: bgo#626950 Anjuta crash with python support
build-basic-auotools: bgo#626562 crash refusing to clean the configuration
symbol-db: bgo#622529 - Crash when trying to open a non-writable project
symbol-db: bgo#616560  - Symbol views do not display names containing especial chars correctly
manual: Fixed mailing list adress (bgo#625588)
language-support-vala: bgo#626306 Symbol completion doesn't work with "this."
libanjuta: Increase launcher buffer size (bgo#624700)
class-gen: add missing include (#626265)
Add PyGTK project template. Fixes bug #608304.

Abderrahim Kitouni, Andika Triwidada, Daniel Nylander, Dragos Dena
Fran Diéguez, James Liggett, Jens Georg, Jorge González, Leandro Mattioli
Massimo Corà, Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?, Vincent Untz, Yang Hong

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