gedit-plugins 2.31.5

       Module: gedit-plugins
      Version: 2.31.5
  Uploaded by: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
 sha256sum: 2f2562a7d9e81a0db4d38ee1921f0595f627e76236ccc72ae1d1b9598e21e721
      size: 836K
 sha256sum: bd68c93675ba93091c7eeda7c56f9a5482373378bdf9fe1170bdbc0f6dc5cf45
      size: 592K


gedit-plugins 2.31.5

Note: this is a special release, which doesn't follow from
2.31.4 but from 2.30.0 instead. 2.31.4 was targetting GNOME 3.0,
which will not  be released until March 2011. This release includes a
new Synctex plugin, which is needed to use the new SyncTeX support
that Evince 2.32 will get. 

New features and fixes
- Added new synctex plugin. (José Aliste)


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