gdm 2.30.5

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.30.5
  Uploaded by: Ray Strode
 sha256sum: 68a7d93b0f32f64ef94f0f8eca6b1d701918e30634f793904ca730fd25a4be19
      size: 3.7M
 sha256sum: faa1cbaecf84a7015f8bfd242200deae9b7c18bf6f7ad38335fd1503e023f92d
      size: 2.4M


Version 2.30.5
- Retry getpw* calls if they return EINTR
- #619588, don't show markup tags in UI
- #626564, fix intermittent failure to load user list
- Translation fixes


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