clutter 1.3.10

       Module: clutter
      Version: 1.3.10
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: b7c9c46091b128f5306d19e0c22a64bc8ea1680a6f18902807297e364742e71b
      size: 4.7M
 sha256sum: ff4c0960e8f89b6a3e2e0db0c502c91d9c9beafcf01e319b70db4c3c052f1799
      size: 3.8M


Clutter 1.3.10 (04/08/2010)

  â?¢ List of changes since Clutter 1.3.8

    » Fix a locale-dependent conversion from double to string when
      generating ARBfp programs for the materials.

    » Use the XKB extension on X11 platforms to convert between hardware
      keys to key symbols.

    » Documentation fixes in the API reference.

    » More recipes, with videos and full examples, in the Cookbook.

    » Add localization support and initial translations of error messages
      that might be visualized in a user interface.

    » Improve debugging output.

    » Fix build of the GLX backend on OSX.

    » Multiple fixes to the native OSX backend.

    » Add support for 3D textures in Cogl.

    » Fix shader-related issues and leaks in the new Material code.

    » Unify GLSL support in the GL and GLES 2.0 drivers.

    » Allow specifying an hint to disable clearing the stage before each
      paint cycle.

Many thanks to:

  Neil Roberts
  Roman Kudiyarov
  Elliot Smith
  Robert Bragg
  Chris Kühl
  Chris Leick
  Nate Stedman
  �yvind Kolås

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