libsoup 2.31.6

       Module: libsoup
      Version: 2.31.6
  Uploaded by: Dan Winship
 sha256sum: f1f66d72e3aac798cd3271e37a17dbfe7557b51ad32e0cac2891dc43808956c4
      size: 868K
 sha256sum: 93487cf8b59f3b1679f18a34e9af89506db7bcfa3cdde5109438d5dd51ea2821
      size: 644K


Changes in libsoup from 2.31.2 to 2.31.6:

	* Disabled TLS 1.2 in addition to the already-disabled 1.1 and
          1.0 [see below, in libsoup 2.27.2], thus making libsoup
          usable with gnutls 2.10. [#622857. This commit, 01a43ad9,
          can be applied to libsoup 2.30.x as well if you need that
          release to work with gnutls 2.10.]

	* When using libproxy 0.3 or newer, libsoup no longer leaks
          proxy-related environment variables into child processes

	* Changed the way message/connection binding works in
          SoupSession so that (among other things), when there are
          multiple requests queued to a host, and one of them gets a
          network error, the other requests are still allowed to try
          to succeed, rather than all failing immediately. [#619633]

	* SoupSession now limits the number of times a message can be
	  redirected, to avoid infinite loops [#604383, José Millán

	* Fixed handling of certain messages where the response
          headers included "Connection: close" but the server did not
          actually close the connection at the end. [#611481]

	* Fixed some incorrect g-i annotations [#621021]

	* Fixed an out-of-bounds memory access when processing certain
          Set-Cookie headers [#620288]

	* Improved msg->reason_phrase on network errors [#623274]

	* Fixed gir file disting [#621727, Yaakov Selkowitz]

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