orca 2.31.6

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.31.6
  Uploaded by: Joanmarie Diggs

 sha256sum: 1d0b28f558a52dd0f548c621a75d066e9064715daa8e2e789cd901e19b5bc447
      size: 3.9M

 sha256sum: 594c63e044339b7fa70be0925d0c23b68574ddb504836a294d770385f29ccbe6
      size: 2.3M


2.31.6 - 02-August-2010


  * Fix for bgo#625737 - Orca should attempt to clump superscripted and
    subscripted numbers together

  * Fix for bgo#625719 - "Right-pointing arrow" string is associated
    with the incorrect Unicode character

  * Fix for bgo#596108 - Use XDG locations for storing configuration

  * Fix for bgo#624640 - Traceback in script_utilities.selectedText()


  * Fix for bgo#616650 - The default value of grabFocusOnAncestor for
    Yelp 2.x should (now) be False

  * Fix for bgo#625458 - Orca is not presenting the new location when
    Tabbing amongst content in Gecko-based Yelp

  * Fix for bgo#624979 - Push buttons no longer showing up in braille
    for Firefox 4.0


  * Fix for bgo#620109 - Speech Dispatcher (and OpenTTS?) do not present
    bullets from OOo Writer

  * Fix for bgo#624641 - Orca says "grayed" when focus is initially
    given to the table in OOo Calc

  * Fix for bgo#624628 - Orca does not announce the state of formatting
    toggle buttons in OOo 3.3 dev


  * Fix for bgo#625729 - Orca does not present superscripted and
    subscripted numbers in gcalctool


  * Fix for bgo#624243 - When editing in Eclipse by pressing the Tab key
    Orca sometimes reads the contents of the line

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    de          German                Mario Blättermann
    es          Spanish               Francisco Javier Dorado Martínez
    gl          Galician              Fran Diéguez
    hu          Hungarian             Attila Hammer
    zh          Chinese (Simplified)  Ray Wang


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