gnumeric 1.10.2

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.10.2
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
 sha256sum: 80ed78af9175187eaacb93441061c491ccc3d4a1aee644fdc68d3fa8a54334b5
      size: 22M
 sha256sum: b42b5320f44e49ad0a838469c59065dbb51f4b18e5b63464870c341c932dd4c9
      size: 17M


Gnumeric 1.10.2

Alexander Kahl & Sven Mantei:
	* Some documentation updates

	* Fix build with --disable-solver. [#612820]
	* Fix column and row header display under Quartz. [#600085]
	* Fix preferences in gconf-less situations. [#613523]
	* Implement first letter capitalization. [#613768]
	* Extend regression tool to perform multiple simple regressions.
	* Fix ZTEST description. [#614746]
	* Don't write unnecessary manifest entries in ODF export.
	* Various ODF export fixes.
	* Adjust regression tool to reflect the changes to TDIST.
	* Basic import and export of text boxes from ODF files.
	* Watch for the null date in OOXML import. [#615777]
	* Write the null date in OOXML export.

	* Print pattern backgrounds. [#615365]

	* Improve object sizing tooltip positioning a bit.
	* Fix filter critical.  [#611073]
	* Make more menu entries available when an object is selected.
	* Improve partitioning of status area.
	* Fix goal seek problem affecting XIRR.  [#614147]
	* Fix export xls of XIRR, FVSCHEDULE, and XNPV.  [#614257]
	* Set win32 stack size to 64M.  [#571346]
	* Patch gtk+ so GtkEntry widgets on win32 draw right.  [#603667]
	* Fix xls export of cell comments.  [#615845]
	* Fix error propagation problem.  [#615772]
	* Partially clean up INDEX implementation.
	* Make regression functions return a result when goffice reports
	  that the problem is near singular, but still good.


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