longomatch 0.15.7

       Module: longomatch
      Version: 0.15.7
  Uploaded by: Andoni Morales Alastruey

 sha256sum: b22eafb0921f665e85c64dee73f53bde82675ae8a34f185145bf67844cd5dc77
      size: 724K

 sha256sum: df6c715b56b5af154993e1f5c38b9c339cacacc957fe0d649ce025286a074d9f
      size: 584K


===== LongoMatch 0.15.7 =====

	== Features ==
	* Added tolltips to many widgets.
	* Use the keyboard arrows for the player's keyboard shortcuts
        == Bugs Fixed ==

	* Crash loading projects pointing to a file that doesn't exists
	* The video player's timescale report a wrong value when releasing the mouse, sending wrong seeks
	* Crash using files without video streams
	* Arrows should be used for the player's keyboard shortcuts

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