ekiga 3.2.6

       Module: ekiga
      Version: 3.2.6
  Uploaded by: Eugen Dedu

 sha256sum: 92e91a92fa13c9634c9cc35282a6db0f0d0bd4fed999d343bb54f9c993bc873f
      size: 9.5M

 sha256sum: e3c14dae2f5c891657939735f82287eccdb461faeec18ba50f81d7eeefc59586
      size: 7.9M


* Changes in ekiga 3.2.6 (2009-09-22)
** User-visible fixes
- Fixed crashes shown as assertion failed in /usr/include/ptlib/safecoll.h:813
- Fixed crash when device list is empty or contains non-latin1 characters
- Fixed crash when pressing shift-f10 (popup menu) in Preferences window
- Fixed possible crash when garbage collecting REGISTER requests
- Fixed possible segfault when receiving a NOTIFY
- Fixed freeze by preventing SIP handlers retry timer from executing
  during destruction
- Fixed freeze during packet write
- Fixed "Lockup after a day of idle" in publishing code
- Fixed various deadlocks in the OPAL subscription code
- Added "%limit" workaround for registrars which refuse several
  contacts during registration
- Fixed "Contacts never go offline"
- Fixed "New SIP account mangles fields if Authentications User is empty"
- Make sure the output device is set before a call
- Fixed port handling when registering to a proxy with a non-standard port
- Fixed "In some circumstances, smileys are not displayed graphically"
- Improved audio latency when not collecting all of the audio data
- Fixed the newmessage.wav file
- Fixed "Accounts were automatically active after editing them"
- Make possible to register e.g. user a b as user name as required by
  some providers
- Remove deprecated "Encoding" field from desktop file

** Protocol fixes
- Fixed problem with REGISTER IntervalTooBrief response handling not
  using correct interface for new transaction
- Fixed "480 Temporarily Unavailable" response handling
- Fixed problem with doing DNS lookup when using explicit proxy or
  presence agent
- Fixed problem with PUBLISH using wrong expiry after Interval Too Brief
- If we find no authentication information when subscribing, keep trying
  as it could become available at a later stage
- Changed so does not put both global and media specific connection
  addresses in SDP if they are the same (needed for freephonie SIP
- Fixed support for unusual SIP "start with hold", that is an initial
  offer INVITE with a connection address of
- Fixed failure to retry (after a suitable period) REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE
  if get transport level timeout
- Added closing of our local media streams if remote sends a re-INVITE
  and leaves out streams (e.g. video) that were there previously
- Fixed problems when can not bind to any interface
- Fixed various problems with some SDP options
- Fixed regression where the username would be lost from the Contact
- Fixed invalid request-uri in BYE request
- Fixed issue with overlapping INVITEs
- Fixed H.263-1998 plug in compilation, by asking latest avcodec
- Fixed "OpalBitRateCalculator limits bitrates"
- Fixed "SIP wrong response on a failed REFER-request"
- Fixed "SIP: OK response to CANCEL incomplete"
- Do not send "100 Trying" message when receiving a NOTIFY message
- Fixed incorrect register/subscribe refresh timer calculation

** Build fixes
- Support building on kFreeBSD
- Fixed problem with moving libsoup api
- Various fixes for SIP and H323 configuration
- Fixed "A build error when generating SunAudio ptlib plugin"
- Fixed "The video convertor of YUY2toYUV420P in ptlib does not work"
- Fixed "The absence of libv4l2 should not block V4L2 ptlib plugin"
- and other minor changes

** Windows port fixes
- Thanks to Michael Rickmann's continuous work, Windows port has
  reached a quality almost comparable to GNU/Linux version.  We invite
  people to test it, see ekiga wiki.  Some improvements:
  - shortened audio delay
  - DirectX video input and output
  - device name handling
  - fixed audio volume
  - fixed building with mingw
  - made so the linker doesn't find main on win32
  - Keep the output sound volume across calls

** Distributor-visible changes
- Changed default for AVC plug in to be disabled until someone fixes
  the plug in
- Note: Pulse audio server does not play nicely with ekiga, very high
  latencies are noticed

** Translation fixes
- Updated translations: ar, bn, et, ga, hi, hu, ko, lt, ml, nb, sr,
  sr latin, uk, zh_HK, zh_TW
- New translations: ca valencia
- Updated help translations: de

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