vala 0.7.6

       Module: vala
      Version: 0.7.6
  Uploaded by: Jürg Billeter
 sha256sum: 61f3b28b280f8a80d0d9c77e52e97ace79bc7a4c32991ac4e6a4b535e33d2f28
      size: 2.8M
 sha256sum: 2c33ca0aa2646ba9f73b114c2a83fbea6a97e9b77cec94ecff3a5d68c340f083
      size: 1.9M


Vala 0.7.6

 * Add support for closures.
 * Improve support for asynchronous methods.
 * Support async methods in D-Bus servers.
 * Add clutter-1.0 bindings (Rob Taylor).
 * Add GVariant, GSettings, and dconf bindings (Ryan Lortie).
 * Add linux, libnl-1, and libasound bindings (Michael 'Mickey' Lauer).
 * Add gnutls bindings (JiÅ?í Zárevúcky).
 * Add librest bindings (Adrien Bustany).
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

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