glibmm 2.20.2

       Module: glibmm
      Version: 2.20.2
  Uploaded by: Daniel Elstner
 sha256sum: bfef63e5e85288cc20e49e7b85925c2efe3ccc759cfd8e527d79f76e027abb6e
      size: 4.2M
 sha256sum: e0f52d07bd32f18d8d3142e3f30c2be0178eb97bf9ab1f1f54ff181ad950b9d9
      size: 3.3M


2.20.2 (stable):

* Backport the conversion to the new mm-common build infrastructure
  from the unstable branch.  This includes the installation of the
  shared mm-common documentation utilities, to ease the transition.
* Merged bugfixes from the unstable branch: #583657, #562810, #585027,
  #586785, #587766 (
* The recent gmmproc improvements from the development branch have
  also been merged, as well as a number of other minor corrections.

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