Module: gstreamermm
  Uploaded by: José Alburquerque
 sha256sum: 9db0f8a643619ef870b9c3c1bd8b2db4b95cd0563def82bc6ac0e71540ba8290
      size: 6.6M
 sha256sum: 2350c1fb5c05b3c9bc52e07889cdce023df7c2ee086069e8d08320c68bf26e16
      size: 5.2M

---- (unstable)

* Move gstreamermm to the new mm-common build system.  The documentation is now
  more glibmm and gtkmm-like.  Devhelp pages are also included and it is now
  possible for the docs to appear on  This all thanks to the
  new mm-common module.

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