dates 0.4.10

       Module: dates
      Version: 0.4.10
  Uploaded by: Ross Burton
 sha256sum: 2f010b28e7b2cfc6e5fec618a22d3bfe4ab3f523a137b7d4e4be046e9ea22312
      size: 492K
 sha256sum: 312a70eb07a7c8a3164f3f67bc0f4b047f82a4827188adbb9e464df564735ee3
      size: 424K


Dates 0.4.10

* Detect the system timezone instead of relying on Evolution

Dates 0.4.9

* Don't display dates before 1900
* Determine the local timezone without depending on Evolution
* Don't require that iCalendar files being imported are in UTF-8
* Truncate summary when confirming deletion
* Updated translations

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