mm-common 0.7.3

       Module: mm-common
      Version: 0.7.3
  Uploaded by: Daniel Elstner
 sha256sum: ac528c3b6d7331c24971c8e9808bc353401d6a97afe92bc60a915ab5c91fbffa
      size: 652K
 sha256sum: 8d23221b18e46bfe96b2270b380aac12d5e7edb4dae535bd9f038ca8ad99f897
      size: 500K


mm-common 0.7.3 "Skeleton" (2009-09-09)

	The hip bone is connected to the rib bone.

	* A skeleton source tree of a C++ binding based on mm-common
	  is now provided as a starting point for new binding modules.
	* The mm-common-prepare utility now comes with a manual page.
	* Empty documentation groups are no longer shown as chapters
	  in the Devhelp document.
	* The reference documentation will be rebuilt when any of the
	  configuration header files of a module changed.
	* The Doxygen style sheet has been further refined.

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