glibmm 2.21.5

       Module: glibmm
      Version: 2.21.5
  Uploaded by: Jonathon Jongsma
 sha256sum: abc37b4bac4f8d05c6c5c776d7e51d75b647fd581173c47c8cf7e3d2ea1bf98a
      size: 4.3M
 sha256sum: 118833c86e013f8ab1bf996ea8dabfedfc304532472d60ef8ac5cca119542a4d
      size: 3.4M


2.21.5 (unstable):

    This release is a release candidate for 2.22.0.  As such, some unfinished
    API has been disabled (notably the network IO classes that we were not able
    to finish in time).  Also, a few documentation-related fixes.

    Daniel Elstner (5):
          Remove sigc from the Doxygen excluded symbols
          Sanitize the Glib::Cond usage example
          Officially deprecate GLIBMM_CHECK_PERL macro
          Delete obsolete MAINTAINERS file
          Implement Gio::Socket ctors using Gio::Initable

    Jonathon Jongsma (2):
          Add Network I/O classes to new documentation module
          disable network io stuff.  punt to next release

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