totem 2.27.92

       Module: totem
      Version: 2.27.92
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: 69c650f63b87503d5fb07ca4c998501856c7e08b0203a3fc0c17e19d074c2765
      size: 4.4M
 sha256sum: 4634c56b882bf7c1f50166e6b010c6b98208d0690e7ed4fcabef057717d17a9f
      size: 2.9M


* Movie Player:
  - Remember the current file position when Pause is clicked
  - Show menu item description in status bar
  - Make Home and End keys seek to the start and the end of streams
  - Use Totem's icon as the main window logo
  - Make screenshot dialogue more like GNOME's
  - Bug fixes:
    - Fix crash when a storage volume is encrypted
    - Make shuffle playlists faster with a large number of items
    - Fix the artist not showing up in the window title
    - Detect non-xine DVB channel configurations
    - Select the directory in which the movie is by default,
      when looking for a subtitle

* Web browser plugin:
  - Use the user-agents for the plugins we're mimicking
  - Show controls for the Cone plugin when VLC compatibility
    isn't explicitely asked

* Thumbnailer:
  - Make it possible to output thumbnails without the film borders

* Plugins:
  - Add plugin authoring tutorial

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