gnome-user-docs 2.27.2

       Module: gnome-user-docs
      Version: 2.27.2
  Uploaded by: Shaun McCance
 sha256sum: e176cae131bfec14d1aa8eacc2d02b0fca0929260e818df14049dabe6d766563
      size: 19M
 sha256sum: 973e6800a7c797434786cf921f998aa2c13cb201b04d3080f30431608bf31a7a
      size: 16M


Version 2.27.2:
* System Admin Guide:
  - Updated translations:
    cs      (Marek Cernocky)
    fr      (Claude Paroz)
* User Guide:
  - Fixed typos and punctuation errors (Claude Paroz)
  - Updated translations:
    es      (Jorge González)
    fr      (Claude Paroz)

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