gnome-doc-utils 0.17.5

       Module: gnome-doc-utils
      Version: 0.17.5
  Uploaded by: Shaun McCance
 sha256sum: 8a08e520627a31e1b5aad29091a36e4cf36b8fb357b6eb0b1e980d46ad8e9a51
      size: 1.4M
 sha256sum: 82575131bc82b0afc76ebb426e47247a94e8577e98f26b65b8ed47d3bf983c0f
      size: 764K


Changes in 0.17.5:
* mal2html: Handle link roles on automatic and inline links (Shaun McCance)
* Updated translations:
  bn_IN     (Runa Bhattacharjee)
  cs        (Petr Kovar)
  eu        (Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio)
  gu        (Sweta Kothari)
  hu        (Gabor Kelemen)
  pl        (Piotr DrÄ?g)
  pt        (Duarte Loreto)
  sr        (MiloÅ¡ PopoviÄ?)
  sr latin  (MiloÅ¡ PopoviÄ?)
  tr        (Baris Cicek)
  zh_HK     (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
  zh_TW     (Chao-Hsiung Liao)

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