epiphany 2.27.92

       Module: epiphany
      Version: 2.27.92
  Uploaded by: Xan Lopez

 sha256sum: cfff574f95f65c32fd516229908ee5667589b5b97c6d31f62b65413bbaa72eac
      size: 7.5M

 sha256sum: aa65f4ec12abb0d9b1ddac1e65055f7e75d53004a4a05c848877f9378a68b11f
      size: 5.5M


Epiphany 2.27.92


  - Import passwords from the gecko profile on first run. This adds a
    dependency on NSS, which can be disabled with --disable-nss (but
    then, of course, passwords won't be imported).
  - Enable undo/redo on forms (#591072)
  - Save session data more often to avoid data loss when crashing
  - Reimplement direct search on the location bar (#583795)
  - Do not save failed loads in history or show a valid security
    status for them (#593200)
  - Reimplement search by just pressing '/' (#587864)
  - Fix .desktop file (#588979)
  - Fix warning when loading NULL URIs (#593701)
  - Reimplement view source functionality (#503968)
  - Show initial request before the server responds to avoid empty
    location entry (#591294)
  - Reset font size with ctrl+0 from num block (#573624)
  - Do not auto-shrink images, since ephy/gecko used to do that.
  - Reimplement adblock support (#562762)


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