gnome-media 2.27.91

       Module: gnome-media
      Version: 2.27.91
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: ddeb4e9273be8fbf4ab773e436fe42b3ba530c3c71919f1de2ac90d9a84a8672
      size: 3.6M
 sha256sum: b7575ac4199135f374a11b0e591fe259609a7bd862493c3050b3ef2d9b4ba31d
      size: 2.5M


Verion 2.27.91

- gnome-volume-control
  + Fix warnings when a volume changes, and the
    stream doesn't have a UI
  + Fix crash when the default sink goes away
  + Fix receiving multiple events when a volume bar is changed
  + Fix the output volume bar becoming unsensitive when the
    selected output goes away
  + Don't change PulseAudio's volume when we receive events
    from PulseAudio
  + Only change PulseAudio's volume if the volume hasn't already
    been set to that value
  + Differentiate the various mixer controls in PulseAudio's

- gst-mixer
  + Fix a crash in gnome_volume_control_element_whitelist()


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