libchamplain 0.3.92

       Module: libchamplain
      Version: 0.3.92
  Uploaded by: Pierre-Luc Beaudoin
 sha256sum: 7d420e6c9b2cffb9cf0166acddcb4f9b08aa5d13f86965de94a360724b48536f
      size: 676K
 sha256sum: 74a3258fc728af85be43d1fb58b7cc8c0457e0f454dec921534bab7b43fab8ed
      size: 520K


libchamplain 0.3.92 (2009-09-07)

Eigth development release leading to 0.4
This release has no working bindings until Clutter gets some.
Starting with this release, the 0.3 series will not be parallel
installable with the 0.4 series (the pc files will have the same name).


* New marker downloading demo: url-marker (Emmanuel Rodriguez)
* ChamplainView now has keyboard shortcuts (but not when used with
  GtkChamplainEmbed) (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* Updated to PyClutter 1.0 Python bindings (Victor Godoy Poluceno)


* 594003: invalid write of size 4 (Felix Freimann)
* Memory leaks in ChamplainLayer (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* 577592: Use _priv instead of the GET_PRIVATE macro (many contributors)
* 590692: Workaround for X error when using GtkChamplainEmbed
  (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* 592096: champlain_map_source_desc_copy and _free are incomplete
  (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* 585754: Nicer compilation output with AM_SILENT_RULES automake option
  (Javier Jardón)
* Tiles are now loaded if view is resized vertically only
  (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* Comment misleading event on markers in demos (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* 591132: Attempting to remove actor when zooming in/out (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* Respect OSM tile usage policy (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* 593505: Memory leak in ChamplainLayer (Felix Freimann)
* 590727: Events are not send until the mouse move (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)
* Use 0.4 pc files and include path (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)

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