mm-common 0.7.2

       Module: mm-common
      Version: 0.7.2
  Uploaded by: Daniel Elstner
 sha256sum: 156afb8057f87aed604818d8e427a21b488f29274ffdd2c6b33d2a384d565902
      size: 632K
 sha256sum: 8f3f6a18ac5d8c73a1b1888e04b63377a30a52a6f62a6b7e587208b0a0af715b
      size: 488K


mm-common 0.7.2 "Help" (2009-09-02)

	Get better help from Devhelp with an improved transformation.

	* The transformation from Doxygen to Devhelp no longer treats
	  documentation groups as C++ namespaces.  Also, documentation
	  modules are now listed as book chapters.
	* The shared Doxygen style sheet has been adjusted to work
	  properly with the new XHTML output of Doxygen.

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