vte 0.22.3

       Module: vte
      Version: 0.22.3
  Uploaded by: Behdad Esfahbod

 sha256sum: 2015c289f06652f5ff9c40781598b49521e3ea16f03498e74a72b6f911fd31d1
      size: 1.7M

 sha256sum: 8dd3ce7387916ea59e5cf6ec5a0e2eb41137c1cd51532c671b9ab4641998a13e
      size: 1.3M


- Various crash and bug fixes
- Rework mouse selection to be more robust.  In particular, PRIMARY selection
  now only changes when mouse button is released, not upon every motion when
- Interpret and document negative number of scrollback lines as infinite
- Bugs fixed in this release:
    Bug 597604 - assertion failed: (_vte_ring_contains (ring, position))
    Bug 598124 - The selection does not only change when the mousebutton is released
    Bug 598090 - LMB Mouse up event not registered when opining context popup menu
    Bug 587463 - "select all"+copy from gnome-terminal includes lines no longer in scrollback
    Bug 585370 - Incomplete disabling of python
    Bug 597242 - libvte color and cursor glitches
    Bug 591648 - Don't clear the screen when switching to the alternate screen
    Bug 569184 - vte generates unnecessary ioctl(I_FIND) kernel warnings
    Bug 599444 - Scrollback index type mess
    Bug 598814 - text.getText(0, -1) triggers assertion in vteaccess.c
    Bug 596739 - Python bindings leak memory
    Bug 597165 - void return in vte.c
    Bug 587894 - the environment passing with python does no longer work

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