totem 2.26.4

       Module: totem
      Version: 2.26.4
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: 27abae8e477c08baefe469a1638ea907815c9ea8b04257069c9f7619030df429
      size: 4.6M
 sha256sum: 51036710b5d3f478cfde1c7864c2af6db8b5ed2cfdacb1b9eb1a0d49c3774bb9
      size: 3.1M


* Don't restart video when drag and dropping on itself
* Drag and drop on itself with Alt appends instead of asking
* Fix crash when a (storage) volume has an emblem or is encrypted
* Fix YouTube videos playback
* Fix the disabling of the screensaver in the browser plugin not working

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