devhelp 2.28.1

       Module: devhelp
      Version: 2.28.1
  Uploaded by: Frederic Peters
 sha256sum: 2907babf8a9030425c94c53c75813b373bf7737f0e03a1584b79047e66f6e6f6
      size: 584K
 sha256sum: 09a0f048cc5b4517e92d74d6ffcd4a17f4bb2c4c236739154fb24b60958862d9
      size: 468K


NEW in 2.28.1:

Fixed bugs:

 - #589435, Track pad horizontal scrolling
 - #596808, Fix several leaks reported by valgrind
 - #596810, Clicking close button on a tab always closes the current tab
 - #598598, Linking across GNOME components

Updated translations: ca, ja, ru, zh_CN

Many thanks to all contributors: Leonid Kanter, Gil Forcada, Jonathon
Jongsma, Takeshi Aihana, Tao Wei

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