Module: anjuta
  Uploaded by: Johannes Schmid
 sha256sum: ad3c75712172bec163f4a2119081c3d83dfcdae3225178834179c3ed57236f45
      size: 10M
 sha256sum: 31c888c2a51e8e103c71b6563324d2fc5ffad2ad08df7a42c82d1e1a55931b02
      size: 7.3M


Anjuta 2.28.1 (19 October 2009) -- Johannes Schmid

Bugs fixed:
Fix check if the executable is part of the debug configuration
bgo#597318 -  Anjuta terminal crashes X
symbol-db: fix #597113
subversion: Fix duplicate IDs in the glade file (bgo 596001)
file-loader: bgo#567363 -  drag and drop from gnome-search-tool yields garbage message

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