gnome-themes 2.28.1

       Module: gnome-themes
      Version: 2.28.1
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
 sha256sum: 07151ad0391a64700a2398e352ff8314d05469695e26671e009b1927de216093
      size: 2.0M
 sha256sum: 62396dad35acf20874a430d679e81554f8e3dcf22b8ecb85c464d060f315902e
      size: 1.6M




Calum Benson <calum gnome org>

	Use gnome icon theme for LowContrastLargePrint desktop theme. Fixes bug 
	filed downstream at

	Update symlinks to match f.d.o. icon naming spec. Fixes bug filed
	downstream at

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