gnome-system-tools 2.28.1

       Module: gnome-system-tools
      Version: 2.28.1
  Uploaded by: Milan Bouchet-Valat
 sha256sum: 9f0b8d81aa2769c11ab9a9493fca9b4a895062a88b47124826daafed9e69a850
      size: 6.0M
 sha256sum: eebc44c570c3af4642ee29859ca8caa0b780e0545c42c2e2bf214ef322299d61
      size: 5.1M


GNOME System Tools Version 2.28.1, 2009-10-19

The GNOME System Tools version 2.28.1 have been released.

The GNOME System Tools are a set of cross-platform configuration utilities for Linux and other Unix systems. The frontends know nothing about the underlying system and provide the same user interface across the different types of systems. Internally they use the Liboobs library.

Changes since last release

  - Fix regression by always showing system groups in the groups dialog, since it's mainly intended for them (Milan Bouchet-Valat)

  - ca, courtesy of Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó
  - cs, courtesy of Jiri Eischmann
  - el, courtesy of Marios Zindilis
  - hu, courtesy of Gabor Kelemen
  - kn, courtesy of Shankar Prasad
  - pl, courtesy of Tomasz Dominikowski
  - ru, courtesy of Leonid Kanter

You can get it from :

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