gnome-power-manager 2.28.1

       Module: gnome-power-manager
      Version: 2.28.1
  Uploaded by: Richard Hughes
 sha256sum: acabae76ae56994bb4eadaedeff354e55defd08c93ae9de327564dfaf3c200cc
      size: 4.7M
 sha256sum: 3f138c23b8707f0cc37b226b32e37128dec223f87cb837dd7668d1f92d9ea964
      size: 3.7M


Version 2.28.1
Released: 2009-10-19

* Translations
 - Updated Catalan translation (David Planella)
 - Updated Greek translation (Kostas Papadimas)
 - Updated Russian translation (Dmitriy Kodanev)
 - Updated Romanian translation (Lucian Adrian Grijincu)
 - Updated Danish translation (Mads Lundby)
 - Upadated Oriya translation (Manoj Kumar Giri)
 - Update Czech translation (Marek Ä?ernocký)
 - Updated Slovenian translation (Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?)

* Bugfix:
 - Add missing indirection to return value of DriveSetAllSpindownTimeouts call (Chris Coulson)
 - Fix failure error messages and comments (Martin Pitt)
 - Help the kernel through its sleep key confusion (Matthias Clasen)
 - Improve configure summary wrt HAL (Michael Biebl)
 - Use separate variables for dbus and dbus-glib (Michael Biebl)
 - Remove devkit-power tool configure check (Michael Biebl)
 - Correctly set the focus on the last used device in gnome-power-statistics (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not hide some radio buttons depending on the current machine state (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix up all the issues reported by clang (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't try to match and refresh some devices, to stop g-p-s crashing on virual devices (Richard Hughes)
 - DeviceKit-disks is expecting an int as a value, not a uint (Scott Howard)
 - Throttle screensaver before suspend/hibernate (Tormod Volden)

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