paperbox 0.4.4

       Module: paperbox
      Version: 0.4.4
  Uploaded by: Marko Anastasov
 sha256sum: dbdec63edeffc5ce06d9cc73aac3d1089c1546809f83accda02f17a773363efd
      size: 244K
 sha256sum: ca4e3d3198a2c3974a6286f8da99f3d6e49a6587a50b1bbbee86792e5cfb6f9e
      size: 208K


= 0.4.4

 - Fixed #594594 - wrong libtracker dependency leads to compile error.

 - New and updated translations:

     en_GB: Philip Withnall
     gl:    Fran Dieguez
     hu:    Gergely Szarka
     pa:    A S Alam
     sl:    Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?
     zh_CN: Zhang Miao

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