gnome-keyring 2.28.1

       Module: gnome-keyring
      Version: 2.28.1
  Uploaded by: Stefan Walter
 sha256sum: c1155bbe1b43e9b86cece69550a43b36dbfac9a5bdfbe8cee33e4ab47af543dd
      size: 3.9M
 sha256sum: 549a85092d4bbd08cbae4becd9be0a9f40f371498303eda1aa9aa3a27458aa91
      size: 2.7M


Changes in version 2.28.1 are:
 * Fix support for SSH RSA1 keys.
 * Fix a delay when the daemon quits.
 * Use default D-Bus timeout when finding daemon.
 * Make custom pkcs11 constants unsigned longs.
 * Use unsigned long for module handle counter.
 * Fix assertion when releasing secure memory block.

Changes in version 2.28.0 are:
 * Fix build problems.

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