tracker 0.7.3

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.7.3
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: 52ce32d293dd7d01d3d8bc9bde0ffed946446482328f532633d780b0147f24b3
      size: 2.2M
 sha256sum: 88ce5a604db8f74470b873febb51cdb27d7aa80c5dac00a0ad21f71e59bb7d87
      size: 1.5M


NEW in 0.7.3

Improvements / New:

  * Require SQLite >= 3.6.16. Required for test cases to pass.
  * Removed requirement for 'sqlite_exec' in

  RSS Reader:
  * Updated Python example to use new Tracker APIs.

  * Added nmm:albumArtist property.
  * Added nmm:Playlist class.
  * Removed cardinality restriction for nie:informationElementDate.

  * Fixed time zone handling when inserting time_t.
  * Support single-valued properties as functions.
  * Support multi-valued properties as functions.
  * Improved to not require 'AS' when using SELECT functions. 
  * Support rollback for updates when one or more errors occur.

  * Make sure SQLite statements are reset when using cursors. This was
    leading to DB locks.

  * Fixed infinite loop when unmounting.
  * Removed all use of tracker-storage for volume handling. This is
    now done in tracker-miner-fs.

  * Added visibility options for tracker-search-tool.

  * Added tracker-status-icon.cfg for visibility settings.
  * Added global binding to launch tracker-search-tool (<Ctrl><Alt>S).
  * Improved so progress bars are not so tall and the now pulses when
    at 0% (used for crawling or initialising usually).
  * Improved so the progress bar is not displayed for miners not
  * Fixed so the default progress is 100% (in cases where the
    tracker-status-icon is restarted).

  * Fixed UI to be more HIG compliant.


  * Fixes GB#590501, Album art heuristic always fails
  * Fixes NB#137046, Properties Are Not Retained Upon File Modific...
  * Fixes NB#141698, List of saved playlist has names of albums too
  * Fixes NB#134107, Optional properties with orderby causes signi...


  The Deskbar applet packaged with Tracker is currently out of date
  and needs some love to get it working with the new APIs. It is in
  the same state as it was for 0.6. As such it isn't expected to work.

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