libgda 4.0.5

       Module: libgda
      Version: 4.0.5
  Uploaded by: Vivien Malerba
 sha256sum: ddfa1e42b664abf26f0ddf06b3a7d6cc22a1902e19c68be4eb882bf25c8b173f
      size: 10M
 sha256sum: 2633164fb19a4dfdb974a3096f704f23a26fa208f01fc7a56e0e4ea83514fa6e
      size: 8.2M


libgda 4.0.5, 2009-10-10

 - Improved SQLite provider (avoid connection locking and
   better BLOB support)
 - Misc corrections (GdaBlobOp, virtual provider, GdaDataSelect)
 - documentation updates

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