tracker 0.7.2

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.7.2
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: 3dd87f3d01a66f01b8a66b097e231b5bbe6da809788cf6f397526104558ecb43
      size: 2.2M
 sha256sum: 61f6ca60a727bb06a869f3bb7172fdb4bed05ef59c2183d089153ac5186ffd36
      size: 1.5M


NEW in 0.7.2

Improvements / New:

  * Added support for AM_SILENT_RULES (used for producing nice build
    output), see
  * Removed filters/ - they are no longer used, was for full text
    search abilities. We now do this in tracker-extract.
  * Simplify CFLAGS/LIBS for applications and generally all Makefiles.

  * Added average{audio|video}bitrate for nmm:Video. This allows the
    audio and video to have different bit rates in the same URN.
  * Added properties for newly added MTP.
  * Added properties fourCC and waveformat for MTP.
  * Added properties to NMM to support MTP (nmm:lyrics,
    mmm:skipCounter, nmm:isCropped, nmm:isColorCorrected).
  * Added nmm and mto prefixes.
  * Updated mtp:ScanType to subclass nie:InformationElement allowing
    nie:description on instances.
  * Renamed nmm:album to nmm:videoAlbum to be consistent with

  Test Cases:

  * Fix API to return const/non-const more consistently.

  * Fixed TrackerConfigFile to make it an abstract type object.
  * Fixed storage (HAL) APIs to return const/non-const more
  * Fixed tracker_path_evaluate_name() so we use the HOME environment
    variable with g_getenv() instead of g_get_home_dir(). This fixes
    issues seen with NFS mounted home directories.
  * Fixed storage (HAL) APIs to normalise directories returned.
  * Fixed timezone test case for tracker-type-utils.
  * Improve documentation.

  * Fixed virtual property tracker:uri.

  * Added "process-pool-limit" to TrackerMinerFS, this allows us to
    process more than one file at once. Previously each file was
    extracted in tracker-extract and stored in tracker-store
    sequentially. Now data is extracted while it is being stored if
    process-pool-limit is > 1. Now it is set to 10.
  * Added support for deleting recursively when a directory is removed.
  * Updated the documentation.
  * Removed "application" parameter in tracker_miner_pause(), since
    it now uses g_get_application_name() or TrackerMiner::name
  * Update vtable function process_file() for TrackerMinerFS into a
    signal to be consistent with the rest of the API.
  * Fixed pkg-config file to include dbus-glib.
  * Fixed moving items between two monitored directories. Was unsupported.
  * Fixed g_timer_destroy() warning with timer != NULL.
  * Updated the Dia documentation for trackerd to detail how
    tracker-store works.
  * Updated SQL generated for FTS queries by SPARQL.
  * Added support for function calls as select expressions in SPARQL.
  * Added support dots at the end of simple OPTIONAL statements in

  * Fixed crawling duplicate directories if one is in the config file
    and the other is a removable media.
  * Fixed memory leak with returned removable devices from storage (HAL).
  * Updated the Dia documentation for tracker-indexer to detail how
    tracker-miner-fs works.
  * Fixed so we don't print "miners all finished" more than once.

  * Added tracker_text_normalize() to clean up content used for FTS.
    This function effectively strips non-text characters, extra spaces,
    carriage returns, etc.
  * Added FTS support for MS and ODF document formats.
  * Fixed PDF extractor to use tracker_text_normalize().

  * Added support for removing a tag on a per URN basis instead of
    for all content.
  * Fixed return value


  * Fixes GB#570608 - Translation of firefox-extension
  * Fixes GB#592400 - String translation issues
  * Fixes GB#589059 - Add option to set evolution plugins directory in configure
  * Fixes GB#591814 - Clean up .ui files
  * Fixes GB#581984 - Get rid of deprecated libgnome(ui)
  * Fixes GB#595752 - Minor string fixes
  * Fixes NB#142257 - Query from QtTracker causes error


  The Deskbar applet packaged with Tracker is currently out of date
  and needs some love to get it working with the new APIs. It is in
  the same state as it was for 0.6. As such it isn't expected to work.

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