rygel 0.4.2

       Module: rygel
      Version: 0.4.2
  Uploaded by: Pierre-Luc Beaudoin

 sha256sum: fbb06ee8c225b46275438f706638597e665ce9d426b4967557a4f70341f7e173
      size: 668K

 sha256sum: 7d715dec7893b9b8d9418995f28369f4ff3ec54401cc2e4d0620439c549c191d
      size: 480K



Brief summary of changes since 0.4.1:

- Ability to specify verbosity of console messages by a number between 0 to 5.
- Be able to survive unavailability of D-Bus session bus. This should make it
  easier to setup Rygel on headless NAS machines.
- MediaExport:
  - Provide duration and date of media.
  - Improved guessing for type (UPnP class) of media.
  - Re-harvest metadata when a file/directory is modified.
- rygel-preferences:
  - Fix enabling/disabling of widgets.
  - Copy the desktop file from correct location.
  - Speed-up browsing (twice as before).
- Mediathek and GstLaunch disabled by default in the user configuration.
- Add GstLaunch to maemo configuration (disabled by default though).
- Put dbus-glib-1 to the list of vala API dependencies.
- Fix seek headers.
- Be more verbose at the end of configure.

Bugs fixed in this release:

596500 - Mpeg TS video files are mistaken for audio files
596213 - Wrong state for checkboxes
596327 - Enables some weird plugins by default
596330 - Missing some metadata

All contributors to this release:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>
Jens Georg <mail jensge org>

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