epiphany 2.29.3

       Module: epiphany
      Version: 2.29.3
  Uploaded by: Xan Lopez

 sha256sum: 11b378e58303dae6c3e858d8c97dbc7f296e84c1466c1a939eaf237c14b8931c
      size: 7.6M

 sha256sum: f69defb18eb1c8b873187e88f9e152d45b35687b671778df3b2b7e4e95b86ea7
      size: 5.5M


Epiphany 2.29.3


  - Don't assume all seed extensions return an object as a value
  - Fix refcounting of seed extensions (#599838)
  - Provide the Inspect Element menu item in context menus again
  - Many fixes to our gobject-introspection support (#599757)
  - Disconnect dbus callbacks when disposing of the network monitor
  - Only use the main frame to fetch the document type for pages
  - Restore 'Close' and 'Help' buttons in dialogs (#590387)
  - Fix auto-google search when using Ctrl-Enter (#603324)


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